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Adware removal and virus removal can be the solution to your problem. A computer repair performance maintenance schedule can keep you on the right track. Adware produces all those unwanted pop-up ads that get in your way while your trying to get something done. Adware is secretly installed on your computer when you download and install shareware or freeware, including screen savers, desktop wallpaper, music, cartoons, news, weather alerts and videos. The adware displays, depending on your web browsing habits. Occasionally when you attempt uninstalling the adware, it deletes whatever it was you downloaded that you actually wanted to keep. Some adware is designed to spy on you and collect personal information.Our company uses specialized techniques and computer software to perform many kinds of adware removal. Some computer adware can begin with an email attachment being sent to and opened by a computer user. Once the email attachment has been opened the computer adware may cause pop ups or computer programs to perform sluggishly. After the adware has been located, quarentined and removed, it would be a good idea to add anti-virus softwareto your computer to help mitigate risk and reduce the threat of adware infecting your computer system hard drive, computer files and data. Anti-virus software companies such as Symantec Norton Anti-Virus, McAfee ViruScan, AVG and Microsoft provide applications to assist in the control of computer adware and reduce the need for adware removal.

If you have the proper computer repair tools and know how to remove your hard drive or if it is an external hard drive, place it into an anti static bag to prepare it for transport to a data recovery or data retreival service company to pick up or ship to. Upon receiving your hard drive, we will contact you and then begin the first step towards retreiving your hard drive data. Once we have completed the data recovery process, we will have to transfer your data that has been recovered to a new useful data median, meaning that a new external hard drive will be necessary. Either we can provide you with a new extenal hard drive to transfer your recovered data to or you can provide us with an external hard drive to transfer your recovered data to. Make sure that the hard drive that you are going to provide us with to transfer your recovered data to is large enough to hold the data that we recovered. Contact Us

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