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Water Damage Repair

Some of the most common problems we encounter when it comes to cell phone repair services are cracked screens, water damage and battery replacements. When it come to repairing a phone, it gets deeper than your ordinary screen replacements. At many phone shops that seems to be all they are capable of repairing. Here at 404 Computer and Cell Phone Repair we take it to the next level of fixing your electronic devices. Depending on your need, we will provide you with the right information to get you back up again and communication with the world. We will perform a thorough diagnostic analysis of your device and determine what needs to be replaced or repaired. Once we have determined your need, we will pass the information on to you to determine if you would like to go forward with fixing your device. If we have determined that your phone is having power issues and don't seem to charge to 100%, or doesn't hold a charge for very long without any extended usage, then it may be time for battery replacement. Although we do not fix cell phone batteries, we do consistently replace them daily. Battery replacements for iPhones typically take around 15 minutes to replace, depending on our workload. Samsung batteries take even less than that, depending on your model of Samsung model phone. Water damaged cell phones, or interior component exposure to any liquid can cause a myriad of issues concerning the operation of your electronic device. As they say, water and electricity does not mix. If your phone has been exposed to an abnormal amount of liquid, please do not attempt to power on your device and immediately consult with a electronic repair shop that specializes in fixing your type of device. When it comes to phone repair and water damage, we are that cell phone repair shop you have been trying so hard to find. We use specialized commercial water extraction hardware and chemical solutions to properly get your phone or device back to a stable state. It is recommended once your device is stable enough to pull your information, we will recover the data and transfer it to a median that you can use.

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Cell Phone Screen Protection

To repair your cell phone is very easy, but can be challenging and most of all extremely time consuming. To avoid phone repair at all cost take the proper safety and protective measures to prevent your phone from being damaged. A nice protective tempered glass is inexpensive and reduces the risk of damage the your cell phone glass screen. A protective phone case combined with tempered glass would be even better with newer phones, being that they have glass backs.

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Cell Phone Screen Repair

We repair all makes, models and brands of cell phones like Apple iPhones and iPads. We also repair Samsung Galaxy devices, HTC, Motorola Moto X, Huawei, and ZTE phone as well. We have over 25 years experience repairing electronics, computer hardware and software. We are in no way affiliated with Apple at this time, and can repair many more devices that most repair shops in Georgia. We also provide onsite services, networking, television installation and mounting of your smart TV. All logos and registered trademarks on this website are explicitly owned by the companies of their own.

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Call us at (404)259-0183 for cheap and affordable cell phone repair near me at One of our cell phone repair locations. We are located in Marietta at 360 Cobb Parkway SE. 30060 Next door to Dairy Queen, Douglasville, Lithia Springs, Conyers Georgia and inside of Cumberland Mall.

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