Data Recovery What to Expect when Saving Data

Please Read Carefully, Depending on your data recovery need, media type, and extent of damage, the process of recovering your data will be similar but may vary slightly. We will give our very best efforts to recover your data. We will consult with you about your data recovery and available options that you may have. Once you have detected a hardware problem contact 404 Computer Repair Services at (404)259-0183. Information concerning your data loss will be collected and instructions on how to ship your hardware for free will be provided. Once received, a data recovery specialist will perform a full evaluation to determin the extent of data loss. The data recovery professional will provide you with a comprehensive list of files that can be recovered, the recommended data recovery solution and associated timeline. We will answer any questions regarding the data recovery process that you may have. Once all of the associated documentation regarding the hardware has been received, our data recovery engineer will perform the data recovery procedure, save the recovered data to an external USB drive. Upon completion of the data rcovery, our data recovery specialist will return the original hardware and recovered data to you. We will also serve as a resource to answer any post data recovery questions you may

Internal hard drive data recovery

No Guarantees Unfortunately we can Not guarantee the outcome of our efforts of delivering positive results. We have a 95% success rate which we still strive to get an even higher data recovery success rate. If you suspect that your hard drive or storage media has failed follow the following steps.


Clean Rooms

Step 1.Turn off your media device immediately. Do not reboot, shake, disassemble, or attempt to clean or dry the damaged media.

Step 2. Do not do it yourself. You should not attempt to perform Data Recoveryof the damaged media or you might experience Unrecoverable data and violate your warranty. Now that you know that data loss has occurred, Contact 404 Computer Repair Services Immediately by calling (404)259-0183.

Here are some of the most common data recovery services we provide: