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Wondering where to find a Macbook Pro computer repair shop near me that can repair a 17 inch Model Pro? your search has ended, all of the listed models here can be repaired by us. call (404)259-0183. Introduced on October 24, 2006 and discontinued on June 5, 2007, The MacBook Pro repair Pro Core Duo 2.33 GHz Core Duo T7600 Processor, 17 inch LCD display screen, and internal hard drive storage capacity of 160 GB at 5400 RPM and an Optical drive 8X DL superdrive. Secondary storage of 2 GB of Ram and 256 MB VRAM. The Model A1212 and no EMC available. The Order number is MA611LL/A and belongs to the Macbook Pro family Core 2 Duo late 2006 with an identifier of MacBookPro2,1.

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  • 1. Use an Macbook Pro A1212 case for protection
  • 2. Back up your data early and often to iCloud
  • 3. Develop strong passwords
  • 4. Get tempered glass applied to your Macbook Pro
  • 5. Turn on find my Macbook Pro

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