How to steup a computer network to share resources

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Computers are networked together to share resources. Netwoking is a physical connection between computers and or networked devices. Two computers can have a single cable between them. Connecting multiple computers requires an interconnection device, which can be either a hub or a switch. In addition to physical connection, computers must be able to identify themselves on the network, and they must communicate in the same language. Ethernet is the language these computers will speak, and TCP/IP is the protocol used to identify themselves. Athough there are other protocols, such as IPX and NetBEUI, TCP/IP is the most popular protocol used on the internet.

What you will need to network a few computers

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What you need to setup your network. You will need atleast Two PC's, computers, towers or laptops with a (NIC) network interface card. You will also need a Hub and Category 5 (Cat 5) or Category 6 (Cat 6) cabling to connect.

Use Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating systems

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These operating systems are commonly used to setup small office and residential networking enviornments. To create your network, Two computers will be connected to your Hub with Category 5 or Category 6 unsheilded twisted pair cables. The terminating ends of your cable should be Registed Jack (RJ-45) connectors. Hubs can be used to also connect your printers, scanners and any other external devices you need to share resources.

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