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We specialize in suppying cell phone screens for repairing your cell phone in Marietta. Providing iPhone repair services. iPhone 6 repair usually takes about an 30 Minutes to replace your cracked glass lcd digitizer.

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The 1st step in dealing with an iPhone repair is the most critical and will determine if your digitizer glass replacement will take less than 30 minutes or will we need more time to replace your iPhone LCD digitizer. If your iPoneh has a black lcd and appear not to power on, it may need to be replaced. In some cases the glass digitizer of your iPhone is not cracked and still doesn't power on, then we will have to perform a diagnostic check of your device to determine what is causing the apparrent power failure. Some of the more frequent parts we repalce include head phone audio jack, rear camera, rear camera lens, Iris scanner flex cable, replacement vibrator, USB Type C charging dock port, board components, sim card tray, sim card tray holder, LCD digitizer screen, earpiece, front camera, home button, cell phone speakers, charging port, battery, microphone, power on flex cable, power on button, volume flex cable, rear camera, back glass, antenna, cell phone housing and motherboard or logicboards.

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iPhone 6 broken glass digitizer screen repair parts If your glass digitzer is cracked or broken, you may be experiencing functionality issues causing your iPhone touch screen swiping ability to be difficult. your LCD digitizer assembly will need to be replaced. iPhone LCD replacement If your lcd screen is black and does not display icons on the screen or your lcd looks like ink splatter, your iPhone is in need of LCD replacement. iPhone 5 LCD and Glass digitizer replacement parts If your glass digitizer is cracked or broken and your lcd screen powers on that looks like ink splatter, then both your glass digitizer screen and your lcd screen will need to be replaced your iPhone 5, 5S and 5C. iPhone battery replacement If your iPhone does not power on or your battery charges very slowly, then your internal iPhone battery will nedd to be replaced. Also if your battery drains rapidly after you have fully charged your iPhone then it is time to replace your battery. iPhone charging port replacement If you plug in your iPhone Lightning charger and your on screen iPhone battery indicator does not appear then your charger may be defective or your charging port connector dock need to be replaced. WIFI antenna Repair for the iPhone 4 If your iPhone does not see nearby wi-fi router in the immediate area and you can not connect to wi-fi, then your internal wi-fi flex cable connector will need to be replaced. iPhone frame color conversion replacement parts If you have dents on the corners of your iPhone, we can repair the cosmetic damage that may have occurred during periodic drops iPhone button replacement parts If your iPhone home button does not work or you are using on screen touch assist, your iPhone home button needs to be replaced. iPhone volume button replacement parts If your power button does not work or your iPhone volume button is stuck then it will need to be replaced. your volume button is one complete assembly flex cable connected together that also rotates, locks and controls your mutes switch and will need to be replaced for the iPhone Headphone jack replacement service for iPhone If your not hearing audio sound output through your headphone jack or if there is a foreign object lodged in your headphone jack, then the object must be removed. your jack may still need to be replaced after the object has been removed and the sound frome your headphone jack has not been restored. iPhone camera part replacement If your iPhone camera does not work properly, then it must be replaced to continue taking thos great pictures you like. iPhone front facing camera replacement service If your front camera is not operable then it should be replaced. iPhone back rear camera replacement service. If your rear camera is not operable or getting stuck it should be replaced to restore your camera taking ability. iPhone external speaker loudspeaker replacement service for your external audio loud speaker that has no output, your speakers need to be replaced.

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