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Damaged Tablet? STOP Don't make it worse trust your Tablet to tablet repair professionals

When purchasing a tablet please read the owners manual carefully, and please pay particular attention to proper care, handeling and maintnance sections requarding the tablet that you have purchased. By doing so you can avoid many of the needs for having tablet repair performed on your device. tablet repair can consist of something simple as cleaning out your tablet USB charging port to get proper voltage, changing your tablet digitizer, replacing your tablet lcd screen, changing your tablet battery, to replacing your tablet motherboard. Ultimately, no matter what tablet repair that is necessary to restore it back to its original condition, it will take time and money. Although some tablet repair can be very simple, some tablet repairs may be exhaustinly difficult to do it yourselfer's and inexperienced tablet repair providers. That's why 404 Computer Repair exist and are here to help you when you need tablet repair most. If you own a major brand name tablet such as and Apple iPad 2 tablet, Kindle fire Tablet, Nook tablet, Acer tablet, Asus tablet or Toshiba Thrive tablet, we can repair it for you. We maintain a warehouse stock full of tablet parts and accessories. We make tablet repair services easier for you to attain, with our mobile to site Tablet pick up and delivery services. If you have an Apple iPad 2 tablet for instance, we can replace your iPad 2 digitizerfor $99. 404 Computer Repair are one of Atlanta's rare onsite tablet repair shops that will provide usb soldering or usb charge port replacement, while you wait. We have been repairing tablets and repairing tablet screens for more than 4 years. We repair all major name brand tablets, by either replacing OEM tablet parts with OEM tablet parts. We also can repair your tablet screen, tablet digitizer, tablet lcd, which can be returned to you within 24 hours for local Atlanta residents. If you are shipping from another state, you can conveniently package and ship your Tablet to our location 360 Cobb Pkwy S. Marietta, Georgia 30060 and have your tablet returned to you within 72 hours of 404 Computer Repair receiving your tablet. If you can't locate a tablet repair cost on our tablet repair price list, give us a call at (404)259-0183 and we will respond urgently to any of your tablet or tablet screen repair needs. We can pickup and deliver your tablet anywhere you wish.

help prevent tablet screen damage

  • 1. Using a tablet screen protector
  • 2. Using a tablet case
  • 4. Safely transporting your tablet
  • 4. Safely handling your tablet while using it
  • 5. Never leaving your tablet unattended
  • 6. Never leaving your tablet in high locations
  • 7. Never leaving your tablet on the floor

Our expert tablet repair professionals will restore your tablet to it's original condition.

Here are some of the most common tablet screen repair services we provide: