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A virus is a program that replicates by attaching itself to other programs. The infected program must be executed for a virus to run. The damage a virus does ranges from minor, such as bugs crawling across your monitor, to major such as erasing everything on your hard drive. Our company uses specialized techniques and computer software to perform many kinds of virus removal. Many computer viruses begin with an email attachment being sent to and opened by a computer user. Once the email attachment has been opened the computer virus may cause your hard drive or computer programs to perform sluggishly. Depending on the particular computer virus, your computer system may slow down, pop ups may appear or you may not be able to access your email any longer. Computer viruses like Nimda, Sir Cam and Klez also may arrive via email attachment, which makes everyone without virus protection susceptible to problems with their computer. The macro virus is embedded in the automatically executing macro code used by word processors, spreadsheet and database applications. The boot virus infects key operating system files located on a computers hard drive boot sector. After the virus has been located, quarentined and removed, it would be a good idea to add anti-virus software to your computer to help mitigate risk and reduce the threat of a virus infecting your computer system hard drive, computer files and data. Anti-virus software companies such as Symantec Norton Anti-Virus, Mrestaurante ViruScan, AVG and Microsoft provide applications to assist in the control of computer viruses and reduce the need for virus removal. A performance maintenance schedule can keep you on the right track. virus removal can be a part of your performance maintenance schedule plan of events.

Here are some of the most common virus removal services we provide: