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When you first turn on your computer or laptop at windows startup or boot, many programs compete for the the usage of your CPU's speed. Whether you are aware or not, many of the programs you have downloaded increase your startup time. Some examples of these programs are Spotify, AOL, Limewire, Skype, OOVOO and many others. After completing these steps, and you are not convinced, turn off your computer or laptop and restart your Windows XP operarting system. You can always revert back to your old settings by enabling an item in startup. This step should increase your computer or laptops performance.

  • Goto your Windows Start button and Click on run
  • Type msconfig into the run box
  • Click on the msconfig link or hit Enter or OK
  • System Configuration Utility window appears
  • Click on the Startup Tab at the top of the system configuration utility box
  • Uncheck all or Uncheck all of the boxes that you don't want to start on startup
  • Click the Apply button at the bottom of system configuration utility
  • Click on the Ok button, you will be prompted by a restart computer pop up notification
  • Click Restart your computer or laptop now
  • After you start your computer pop up is displayed Selecthe option to not show this every time your computer or laptop reboots

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