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Our company uses specialized techniques and computer software to perform many types of computer worm removal techniques. A computer worm is a program that copies itself throughout a network or the internet without a host program. A worm creates problems by overloading the network as it replicates. Worms cause damage by their presence rather than by performing a specific damaging act, as a virus does. Computer worms can damages such as sending mass emailings. Depending on the particular worm, your entire network may slow down, pop ups may appear or you may not be able to access information on your network. Computer worms like the W32 BlasterWorm, (Sasser) or (W32.Sobig.F@mm) sends massive email to bring networks down. It may arrive via email attachment, which makes everyone without virus protection or a firewall networks become vulnerable to worms such as W32 BlasterWorm, (Sasser) or (W32.Sobig.F@mm).

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After the computer worm has been located, quarentined and removed, It would be a good idea to add virus software and a firewall to your computer and network to help mitigate risk and reduce the threat of a worm infecting your computer system and or network infrastructure, computer files and data on your network. Anti-virus software companies such as Symantec Norton Anti-Virus, Mrestaurante ViruScan, AVG and Microsoft provide applications to assist in the control of worms and reduce the need for worm removal. A performance maintenance schedule can keep you on the right track. Worm removal can be a part of your performance maintenance schedule plan of events

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Don't let hackers and potential intruders invade your personal information or access to it.

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Don't let hackers and potential intruders invade your personal information or access to it.

  • 1. Use an Anti-virus for protection
  • 2. Back up your data early and often
  • 3. Develop strong passwords
  • 4. Get tempered glass applied to your laptop
  • 5. Use canned air to remove debris from your keyboard

Make sure to scan your hard drive periodically to keep your system safe.

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