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It's on the way, the new iPhone 7 is schedule to be released this September 16, 2016. The iPhone 7 will be available for pre ordering on September 9th, 2016 for in store pick up at your nearest Apple Store or your cell phone carrier. The newest iPhone 7 has made a few changes, touting it's highly publicised audio jack port has been removed from the top of the iPhone and now accessible through the charging port which doubles for a headphone jack via lighting cable attachment. The iPhone 7 audio capabilities can be accessed via bluetooth ear buds, wireless headphones that can be purchased seperately for around $150.00. They now have stereo speakers quality sound, for crisp and clear listening. It will also come in five different colors jet black, silver, gold, and rose gold with the ability to store more data. The rear camera is different and takes even better quality digitial pictures at 12 mega pixels and video recording at 30 fps frames per second. The front camera 7 mega pixel capability is not bad either, with digitally zoom capability, quad led true tone flash and optical image stabilization. This is a definite improvement over previous iPhone models. The A10 fusion chip makes it a little bit faster and helps extend usage and battery life. The LCD touch screen has 3d touch and the the home button has touch id capabilities and does not depress as far down as it did previously as the iPhone 6 models and 5 iPhones. There's a water and dust resistant rubber adhesive seal around the border of the frame assembly to help protect the internal components of the device. Ofcourse the wi fi capabilities have been slightly upgraded, for more details on lte go to www.apple.com iPhone lte for more information on lte bands. Contact Us at (404)259-0183

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