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If you have a damaged iPhone 5, STOP using it immediately and don't make it worse. Trust your iPhone data specialist professionals! By continuing to make use of your iPhone 5, may make matters worse. You may have already physically damaged the data that you need to recover. The 1st step in dealing with data loss on your iPhone is the most critical and will determine if the data on your device is recoverable. Don't attempt to tamper with your iPhone or attempt recovering lost contacts on your own. We try to keep time and money to a minimum for our clients, contact us here at 404 Computer Repair for iPhone repair services immediately, and leave your data loss situation in the hands of trusted repair Atlanta professional technicians. We will give every effort to recovering any information that has been lost or seemingly difficult to access and make good use of it. If you have accidentaly deleted data or files into your recycle bin or have erased data, and need One of our recovery experts to help you, contact us now by calling us at (404)259-0183.

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We can recover data from many different data median like your iPhone 5 and iPad. Prevent data loss by backing up your cell phone frequently to iCloud.

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We also understand that your time is valuable and it is critical that you have access to your iPhone 5 data and information. We respond urgently to any Apple iPhone 5 data loss situation you are experiencing. Micro soldering techniques will be applied to surgically remove and repair your device internal circuitry to attempt a successful repair effort.

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