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Does your iPhone 6 Battery not hold a charge? STOP! Don't make it worse! don't attempt to charge your battery anymore. call us at (404)259-0183, and bring in for repair or a battery replacement. Save time and money bypassing the Apple store and head to over 360 Cobb Parkway South, Marietta, Georgia 30060 or go to our location at Cumberland Mall Marietta, Georgia 30060. If your battery power continually drains very fast after limited use, then your battery health is bad and possibly needs to be replaced. You can go to your settings and scroll down to battery, once you select battery, you should be able to see battery health (Beta). Select battery health (Beta) and it will show you the maximum capacity at the current time and peak performance capability. The peak performance capability, should tell you it is currently supporting normal peak performance. It is doesn't then you should consider a battery replacement. Before we can determine that, we will provide a diagnosis of your battery to see if that is what's needed and causing your phone these issues. For an battery replacement iPhone it takes about 10 minutes to complete, from start to finish. So there is no need to wait in long lines, schedule any appointments or even contact Apple to fix battery iPhone 6 at the Apple store. One of the first things that you can do to help speed up the process, is to check and make sure your device is not on airplane mode. Go to your settings and make sure that it is off or disabled. Airplane mode does tend to consume power and drain your battery faster than many other functions or apps. Also you can check which power mode your phone is in, be sure to reduce the power mode as much as possible, to reduce battery drainage or until you can get the battery replaced. You can also go to your settings, scroll down to battery and select it, once selected, you can reduce brightness of your screen to save power to your device. If you have an older iPhone, that displays an battery issue, check to see which operating system or ios you are using. You may need to upgrade your ios 11.3 to a more recent version like ios 12 as of January 1, 2019. Older phones battery life expectancy should be less at this point, being that a battery only has only so many cycles to charge. The older the phone, the less charging capacity it has and at some point will need to be replaced. No matter where you are in the Country, and need your iPhone 6 repaired, we have a great location to which you can ship your device to and we will fix your battery problem. We service iPhone 6 batteries and get you back to running again.

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Our expert repair technicians will repair or replace your iPhone 6S Battery quickly and efficiently and fix your iPhone. Make sure that battery repair iPhone 6 part you are receiving is an OEM or Original Equipment Manufactured part and not a knock off of poor quality. Make sure that your receiving a brand new battery that provides 3.82V or Volts and 6.91 Whr to your phone.Another indication that your battery needs to be replaced is, your LCD liquid crystal diode or screen will be pushed upward away from the frame of the phone. This caused by over charging your device and can be hazardous. Do not attempt to push your screen back into place, it may cause more damage and fracture the LCD, and that too will need to be replaced. Make sure not to over charge your battery. Make sure to take your phone off of the charger after it has reached its charging capacity. When your at your phones charging capacity, take it off of the charger, and use it until it reaches between 15 and 20 percent, then reapply a charge to your phone. I know its a pain to disconnect your phone from it's charger periodically and continuously, but it does help preserve battery life.

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The landscape of Apple iPhone 6 battery fixing has changed, learn how to stay charged up while you wait on you repair to be completed. We love to cater to our Marietta residents who own Apple devices. We have over 8 years of experience performing technical repairs on a plethora of classes of electronics and personal computing devices. Please don't attempt an battery fix iPhone 6 repair without the proper tools, and heating elements. It could cause a fire or worse damage to you. Just save yourself some time, money and risk by call a professional to do the job for you. We are trying to keep you from having to call your local fire department, 911 or local poison control center. Take a look at 404 cell phone repair price list on iPhones for a comprehensive list of prices of our cell phone repair and computer repair prices. If your repair price is not listed on our repair price list, call us at (404)259-0183 and One of our professional phone repair technicians will be able to assist you. If you want do it yourself, we do have an iPhone 6 replacement battery for your iPhone in stock. We don't recommend replacing your battery unless you have experience dealing with lithium Polymer battery removal and disposal techniques. Do not by any means, disassemble, puncture, crush, heat or burn the battery, it does have a low flammable burning point and will catch on fire if any of the above mentioned are done. your iPhone 6 repair battery is right here with solutions and suggestions of what to do in the event of failure. If you are interested in learning how to repair your cell phones, you can watch or you subscribe to our YouTube channel on 404 Computer Repair. We are an authorize service provider for many brands and models of phones, computers and tablets.

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Changing an iPhone X, iPhone XS Maxx is a little bit more time consuming. Be a little bit more patient and take precaution, no matter what battery you are changing. Again make sure that you are receiving OEM parts with the right designations on them. Batteries Plus does offer batteries for your device but are more expensive and are not OEM. Non OEM batteries will work but not as good as the original that you signed up for. If you have the need to change your battery inside of your iPhone don't hesitate to give us a call here at (404)259-0183 and we will change your battery for you in less than 15 minutes and keep you safe all at the same time. Safety first and I hope that these tips have informed you of your options for repairing your devices in the future.

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