Computer Pm check for better productivity

Computer Pm check

Computer system performance maintenance

Make computer pm checks part of your annual computer maintenance schedule. Creating a Computer Pm Checklist can keep you on the right track. You have just taken the first step to completing a comprhensive computer system performance maintenance check that will minimize the risk of a computer system crash or frying your mother board. 1st power down your computer system hard drive and disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet. We recommend using an anti static wrist strap and anti static computer mat. Using a drill, battery operated screw driver or hand held manual screw driver, remove the computer case door from your desktop computer or tower computer. Some computer systems have a release latch on the side or rear of the computer casing. Small hand held screw drivers are reccomended for gaining access to your laptop computer electronic components. On the bottom of your laptop computer are small screws that must be unscrewed. Using a can of compressed air, spray the compressed air onto the inner electronic components such as your mother board, video card, sound card, and sticks of ram memory until it is free of all visible dust. Make sure that you pay close attention not to disturb any of the mother board, video card, sound card, power supply, mother board fan and sticks of ram memory. If any electronic components (mother board, video card, sound card, and ram memory) have been disturbed, secure and reseat them back into the proper IDE, PCI or PCI express slots. Once you have completed these steps you can put the computer system door back onto the computer computer case, reinstalling the previously removed screws. Rememmber to put your computer power cord back into the power supply slot and plug it back into the wall outlet. 404 Computer Repair uses specialized techniques and computer software to perform Computer pm checks, computer diagnostic and analyis checks. We will optimize your hard drive, perform virus removal, malware removal , botware removal and spyware removal. It doesn't matter where you are in Georgia, we will come directly to your site. We make computer repair services easier for you with our mobile to site pick up and delivery services. If you are located anywhere else in the United States, you can conveniently package and ship your media to our location. We understand that your time is valuable and it is critical that you have access to your computer repair. We respond urgently to any computer repair or Apple Macbook repair need. We can pickup and deliver any where you wish. All computers and accessories will be handled in an professional, confidential and efficient manner to help you when you need it most. The 1st step in dealing with computer is the most critical and will determine if your computer repair will take less than an hour or will we need more time to repair your laptop computer. To keep time and money to a minimum, contact 404 Computer Repair for services immediately and leave your computer repairs to the computer experts.

By adding all of the elemnts of a computer pm check can enhance your performance maintenance schedule plan. A performance maintenance schedule can keep you and your company on the right track.

Here are some of the most common computer pm check services we provide: